Clinic manager traning game

An interactive e-learining game that help to train and test students studying managerial subjects in medical field., learn how to manage resources in a medical institution in the best possible way. The game aims to help students to: - Identify the problem situation - Form the plan of actions to solve the problem - Use the optimal number of resources to tackle the situation The game offers a number stories where player is given a particular situation and shall solve tasks by making managerial decisions based on his own experience and with help from references and additional data placed in the game. Decisions are made in state of internal resource limitations, external challenges including force-majeuré. The game can work in a single user mode and in a multi user mode as well. In the latter case game scoring will be up to a team actions and decisions. Final score can be viewed for each player and the team as well. E-learning game will help train abilities to cope with difficult situations where a single or team decision does save lives.

  • Phaser
  • Javascript