is a middleware platform for

Enterprise apps





Modern architecture

High performance

App caching support to speed up data processing

Broad integration capabilities

Message broker to formalize data interchange and processing

Horizontal scaling

Just add nodes as you go

Performance monitoring

Tools to visually analyse application performance

Features for development

Support for structured and non-structured data

JSON schemes to define data schemes

Built-in provider for authentication

PDF and reporting generator

External authentication provider support

Well documented RESTful API

Stateless and stateful services support

Applied features coded in JavaScript

Same UI framework for mobile and web apps

Same code for both web and mobile apps

Commercial support is available

Simple deployment

Automatic scripts will help to deploy the platform effortlessly

You can deploy the platform on your own servers

Capability to deploy platform components in Digital Ocean, AWS or Microsoft Azure

Timely application upgrades via package manager

Development tools

JavaScript to develop frontend

Low code InfinniUI to speed up typical UI making

Server logic can be extended by well documented InfinniPlatform.SDK and C#


The platform was tested on the virtual machine which allocated resources were equal to a regular office computer and got the following results

Average document processing time (read/write/update) by platform is 12 ms


percentile is 20 ms


percentile is 212 ms

This equals to

7 500 000

documents per 24 hours

2 737 500 000

documents per 365 days

Free to use platform!

Usage comes under AGPLv3 license

Source code is available GitHub

Open Nuget repository to download install packages

Documentation is available online for quick start