InfinniPlatform is the foundation for building flexible and scalable enterprise information systems.

Since 2006 Infinnity Solutions has been working on improving efficiency of medical organisations and Healthcare sector in general

About the Company

Infinnity Solutions  is a developer of enterprise-class software. We are leaders in the area of Integrated Electronic Healthcare Record Systems (IEHR), Medical Information Systems (MIS) and mobile medical applications.

Our company adheres to the international standards such as openEHR, IHE and HL7. Our aim is to provide healthcare organisations with user friendly, robust, efficient and scalable applications. Based on Open Standards, our applications are vendor lock-in free and can be integrated with, improved and extended continuously

Business Logic

Business Logic is what makes a system tick. Implementing complex scenarios and interactions is a very difficult task and is a major consumer of the developers' effort. Recognising this, Infinnity Solutions has developed a framework which dramatically reduces the effort by taking on the "micromanagement" of interaction and data flows and allowing the developer to build the system by combining functional modules simply in either a visual builder or using a high-level "business process" language. The framework is only a helper, the low level API-s are still available and can be employed to fine-tune certain areas of the system.


Attractive and user-friendly interface is a very important selling point. Unfortunately developing such UI is difficult especially using low-level API-s. We have developed a powerful WYSIWYG editor which can reduce the effort of developing a complex UI from months to days or even hours!

Web Application

The vast majority of modern UI-oriented systems support or are developed as a Web application. The advantages are numerous: platform independence, multi-user, common way to render the UI and many others. InfinniPlatform's architecture is build with this in mind and is based on widely accepted web technologies: the components expose their API as RESTful services and JSON is used for data serialization.

Portable Application

Recent years saw an explosion in the number of various devices that are capable of rendering complex UI-s and run demanding applications. This includes smart phones, tablets and browser-oriented laptops. Writing or adapting an existing application to each platform individually would be a prohibitively expensive task. Since InfinniPlatform uses platform-neutral technologies as RESTful services and JSON it is relatively easy to make a system based on it work on any platform. To help with this task, we also offer tools to automatically generate applications for a number of target platforms such as Android or iOS.

Reporting Service

Business Intelligence is an indispensable tool for analysing business performance and an integral part of strategic and tactical planning processes. Advances in computer hardware and storage made it possible to collect and store massive amounts of data. On the one hand this creates limitless opportunities to optimise performance of the business but creates a big technical challenge on the other. Understanding the nature of the data and business processes is the key in delivering the right analytics to be used in the BI. InfinniPlatform reporting capabilities based on years of Infinnity’s experience delivering reporting solutions to Healthcare organisations include major analytics and tools to build custom reporting solutions of any depth and complexity.


The importance of providing security to data in Healthcare cannot be overestimated. Implementing a secure application while keeping it friendly to various users of the system is an extremely difficult task. We employ industry standard authentication and authorisation technologies based on SAML 2.0 protocol and its XACML extensions, which provide powerful and flexible mechanisms of configuring permissions. Combined with openEHR’s flexible data access permissioning model, security configurations provided by InfinniPlatform conform to the highest level demanded by the data protection legislation

Service Bus

Common Service Bus is a standard architecture that allows easy integration of various heterogeneous components of the system as well as providing an access point to external systems for integration purposes. Following the Open system philosophy, InfinniPlatform has a Service Bus at its core, which is offered with open public API.


The difficulty of capturing the complexity of medical knowledge in data has been a hindrance to the evolution of Healthcare IT systems for many years. It was a source of closed formats and vendor lock-in strategies resulting in Healthcare organisation getting stuck with ageing legacy applications and unable to upgrade due to prohibitively expensive process. openEHR was built as an answer to this problem and has been steadily gaining acceptance among the IT Industry and Healthcare professionals. One of the founding members of the Industry Partners in openEHR Foundation, Infinnity Solutions are experts and pioneers in implementing Healthcare Systems based on the openEHR data model

Use Cases


Clinical Application

Clinical Application to manage Doctor appointments and patients’ Health Records has been developed using InfinniPlatform. Built using our WYSIWYG GUI designer with the Data Vault underneath, the Application provides the general public an easy way to find GP practices, book or cancel appointments and the Healthcare provider a simple and efficient way to administer appointments and patients' HR, massively reducing administrative overheads and the burden associated with the HR keeping. The Application has been incredibly successful and popular among Clinics and is currently deployed in more than 260 organisations and handles over 3,500,000 EHR-s

Platform for Integration

Today, most of Healthcare organisations would be using some sort of IT system with much valuable data accumulated there over the years. Lack of standards at the time those systems were developed made interchanging of documents between different providers a very complex and cumbersome process. InfinniPlatform has been used to build the Integrated Electronic Health Record (IEHR) System to solve this problem by providing a unified view of EHR-s of a number of onboarded Healthcare organisations. This system will allow HC providers to seamlessly request EHR-s from other providers as well as publish data under their management